Google AdSense scandal — Transparency is the answer

For years, there have been complaints and rumors on the web regarding unwholesome practices by Google AdSense.

Anonymous Leak

Now, an anonymous source released a statement to Pastebin entitled  Google AdSense Leak. The leak described in some detail a deliberate plan by Google AdSense to ban small and medium sized publisher accounts shortly before payouts were due or where a payout was finally due to the publisher. Google would then keep the payment.

Response to Leak

In response to this leak, public relations and SEO frontman Matt Cutts issued this blanket denial at a message board. “Everything about this post strikes me as a conspiracy-laden fake, from the typos to wrong terminology to untrue policies to the lack of specific names of people. I passed this pastebin to the ads side to confirm for sure, but I would treat this as completely untrue.” Matt Cutts did not provide any specifics and failed to answer many good questions.

This Leak is Serious

Despite this blanket denial, this leak is very serious. The internet is full of stories where publishers had AdSense accounts suspended or banned and payouts were denied. Here are a few examples.
Why My Google AdWords Account Was Suspended & What I’m Doing About It
When Google Deletes You
I Just Got Banned From Google Adsense! Now What?
Where Did The Google Ads Go? and many more.
Comment boards are now and have been for years loaded up with people who had AdSense accounts banned — thousands and thousands.

Transparency is the Answer

This leak, and the thousands of unhappy people who have been suspended or banned for life without any noticeable due process in this most Unamerican and vague Google policy cannot be whisked away with claims of “conspiracy theory.” If Google  would really like to “nip this in the bud” (quote Matt Cutts), Google should do the following.

1. Provide specific explanations where terms are violated when suspending or banning publisher websites as we in America have always expected.

2. Provide a human being for a reasonable amount of interchange to discuss and repair any disagreements, as every other company on Earth does.

I predict that Google will eventually decide to do both of these things. The longer it takes, the worse Google will damage its reputation in the meantime.

There should also be new appeals and new reviews for those banned in the past few years.

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