Calls for Transparency of Google AdSense increase

Mashable has joined the growing chorus of voices calling for more transparency at Google AdSense in its article Google AdSense Conspiracy Theory Angers Online Publishers.

Although the Mashable article does not make it clear, the term “conspiracy theory” was added to this controversy by none other than Google public relations man Matt Cutts — for obvious reasons. The Mashable article includes this short informative video.

As explained in the prior blog entry here, an anonymous source claiming to be a former Google employee released a statement to Pastebin entitled  Google AdSense Leak. The leak described in some detail a deliberate plan by Google AdSense to ban small and medium sized publisher accounts shortly before payouts were due or where a payout was finally due to the publisher. Google would then keep the payment.

While the internet is on fire with people discussing whether the leak is authentic, many are adding to the thousands of online stories indicating that there is some truth in the leak. As I said two days ago, transparency is the answer.

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